Free Live Training + Q&A

Master Doodle in 30 minutes

Join us Bimonthly @ 6:00PM CEST / 12:00 EST

In this free webinar, join Hichem, our Head of User Success, and Aaron, our Content Marketing Manager, as they will walk you through ~30 minutes of live training + close with Q&A.

Join us LIVE, so you can:

  • Connect your calendar – in a snap.
  • Create a group poll – and gather responses
  • Add your logo and custom branding
  • See how to fully use Doodle to bring people together at work or in your free time
  • Ask your questions and get answers LIVE

Can’t join us LIVE? Sign up anyways, and we’ll send you the recording after, so you won’t miss out!

(You’ll be able to set see our screen, and set up your Doodle account alongside us.)

Hichem Naftahi

Head of User Success

Hichem is our Head of User Success at Doodle. He’s a Doodle expert. Every day he uses Doodle 1:1 to schedule meetings with clients.

Aaron Wichman

Content Marketing Manager

Aaron handles content marketing for Doodle. He uses Doodle to schedule one on one meetings with writers and other contributors to our blog and newsletter.